Liberal history news

Obituary of Bill Pitt; events at Gladstone’s Library

Liberal History News

Directory of election candidates; in memory of Sandy Waugh

Liberal history news

Major new resource for students of Liberal history; Election song

Liberal history news

Trevor Jones – an appreciation; meetings schedule; on this day in Liberal history

Liberal history news

Gladstone Umbrella; Survey of subscribers; Volunteers wanted for digitising
tapes; On this day in Liberal history

Liberal history news

Shirley Williams retires; Liberal Democrat conference, September 2015; Former ministers give candid interviews on their time in office; On this day in Liberal history

Liberal history news: Issue 86

Obituary: Lord Mackie of Benshie; Obituary: Patrick Jackson; Taped interviews; Biography of Rufus Isaacs; Scottish Liberal Party’s evidence to the Royal Commission on the Constitution; Sir Edward Grey; On this day in Liberal history

Liberal history news: Issue 85

Huddersfield West 1964: a review note; 2015 Orpington dinner; On this day in Liberal history.

Liberal history news: Issue 84

Chamberlain conference; Information wanted; Correction (Manchester); On this day in history.

Liberal history news: Issue 81

The Jews and Liberalism (1928 Liberal pamphlet); On this day in history.

Liberal History News: Issue 80

Jo Grimond centenary – Orkney weekend, 18-19 May; Viscount Bryce blue plaque unveiled in Belfast; On Liberties: Victorian Liberals and their legacies; Liberal Democrat History Group website.

Liberal History News: Issue 79

Lloyd George commemorations; plaque to Lord john Russell; Gladstone statue unveiled in Seaforth.

Liberal History News: issue 78

History Group plaque; PhD in political history; Archiving the ‘Red Guard’; The Liberal Party, Unionism and political culture.

Liberal history news: Issue 76

Neville Masterman; new online resources at the Bodleian Library

News: Issue 44

Jo Grimond honoured in St Andrews.

Liberal History News: Issue 65

A new regular feature in the Journal, reporting news of meetings, conferences, commemorations, dinners or any other event, together with anything else of contemporary interest to our readers.

Liberal History News: Issue 66

Gladstone bicentenary; Gladstone and Bulgaria; Gladstone bicentenary event in Edinburgh; What would Gladstone think?; New on the History Group website

Liberal History News: Issue 68

Lloyd George book launch; Song for Francis Hirst; George Newnes: Liberal press baron.

Liberal history news: Issue 69

Roy Hattersley lectures at Aberytswyth; Community politics forty years on; Who killed the News Chronicle?

Liberal history news: Issue 70

Lloyd George Society weekend school; Records in Essex; Identity cards and Harry Willcock