The leadership of Charles Kennedy

Evening meeting of the Liberal Democrat History Group, 3 July 2017 with Greg Hurst and Lord Newby; chair: Baroness Lindsay Northover

Who rules? Parliament, the people or the Prime Minister?

Spring conference fringe meeting, 17 March 2017, with Professor Michael Braddick and Baroness Joan Walmsley; chair: Baroness Lynne Featherstone

‘Jeremy is innocent’: the life and times of Jeremy and Marion Thorpe

Liberal Democrat History Group meeting, 6 February 2017, with Ronald Porter; chair: Michael Steed

Coalition: Could Liberal Democrats have handled it better?

Autumn conference meeting, 18 September 2016, with David Laws, Chris Huhne and Akash Paun; chair: Jo Swinson

The legacy of Roy Jenkins

Evening meeting of the Liberal History Group, 27 June 2016, with John Campbell and David Steel. Chair: Dick Newby

Europe: the Liberal commitment

Liberal Democrat History Group evening meeting, 1 February 2016

Report: Liberal leaders and leadership

Conference fringe meeting, 20 September 2015

Report: Catastrophe: the 2015 election campaign and its outcome

Evening meeting of the Liberal History Group, 19 July 2015

Report: Community politics and the Liberal revival

Conference fringe meeting held jointly with the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors, 13 March 2015

Report: Among the Fallodonistas

Sir Edward Grey and the outbreak of the First World War: report on an FCO/LSE symposium, 7 November 2014

The Liberal–Tory coalition of 1915

Report of the History Group evening meeting, 26 January 2015, with Ian Packer and Nigel Keohane; chair: Raymond Asquith (Earl of Oxford and Asquith and great-grandson of Herbert Asquith)

Liberal Thinkers

The man who made the weather: Joseph Chamberlain – imperial standard bearer, national leader, local icon

Report: Liberalism, peace and the First World War

The Progressive Coalition that never was – lessons from the Ashdown-Blair ‘project’

Decline and fall: the Liberal Party and the elections of 1922, 1923 and 1924

Survival and success: twenty-five years of the Liberal Democrats

Jo Grimond: the legacy

David Lloyd George: the legacy