Adrian Slade’s interviews with leading party figures

Adrian Slade explains the records he has of interviews with leading party figures: Since 2004 the Journal of Liberal History has been the guardian of what, although I say it myself, is now becoming a uniquely interesting party archive a set of CDs and audio-cassette tapes of in-depth interviews I have conducted with leading Liberal […]

Temple, Henry John (third Viscount Palmerston)

*i*Palmerston's papers at the Hartley Library, University of Southampton*i*

Wainwright, Richard (1918-2003) and Lord Steel (1938-)

*i*Project to catalogue the papers of Richard Wainwright and Lord David Steel at London School of Economics Archives*i*

Beveridge, William

*i*Beveridge's papers at London School of Economics*i*

Owen, David

*i*Owen's Papers at the University of Liverpool*i*

Sandelson, Neville

*i*Sandelson's papers at London School of Economics*i*

Sinclair, Archibald (Viscount Thurso)

Thurso Papers at the Churchill Archives