Bristol University Library

*i*The Liberal Party collections at the University of Bristol Library originate from the acquisition in 1976 of the Gladstone Library of the National Liberal Club*i*

Coventry History Centre

*i*Liberal Collections in the Archives*i*

Dundee City Archives

*i*Liberal Collections at the Archives*i*

Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

*i*Archive Collections relating to Liberal history at the Bodleian Library*i*

Hull University Archives

*i*The University of Hull's Brynmor Jones Library (BJL) has been collecting political archives and manuscripts ever since the foundation of the university, initially a college of London University, in 1928*i*

London Metropolitan Archives

*i*The London Liberal Foundation and London Liberal Party records*i*


*i*Liberal Party Archives at the London School of Economics (BLPES)*i*

Manchester Archives and Local Studies

*i*Liberal History Archives at Manchester Archives and Local Studies*i*

National Library of Scotland

*i*Sources in the Manuscripts Division of the National Library of Scotland for the study of the Liberals and Liberal Democrats*i*

National Library of Wales

*i*Liberal Party Archives at the National Library of Wales*i*

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Archives Hub

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