Liberal History: An introductory reading list

A brief guide to some of the best histories of the Liberal Democrats and its predecessors.

Liberal Leaders of the Nineteenth Century

The forty-page booklet contains concise biographies of every Liberal leader from the Great Reform Act to the end of the nineteenth century – the heyday of the Liberal Party. The total of eleven biographies stretches from Lord Grey to Sir William Harcourt, including such towering figures as Viscount Melbourne, Lord John Russell, Lord Palmerston and […]

Liberal History: A concise history of the Liberal Party, SDP and Liberal Democrats

This booklet is currently being updated to 2015 and will be available soon – please check back. 300 years of party history in 24 pages. The Liberal Democrat History Group’s pamphlet has been revised and updated to include the 2010 election and the formation of the coalition. Full price £2.50; available to Journal of Liberal […]

Dictionary of Liberal Thought

‘If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.’ Locke, Bentham, Mill, Hobhouse, Keynes, Rawls … Liberalism has been built on more than three centuries work of political thinkers and writers, and the aspirations of countless human beings who have fought for freedom, democracy, the rule of law and open […]

Dictionary of Liberal Quotations

Writers, thinkers, journalists, philosophers and politicians contribute nearly 2,000 quotations, musings, provocations, jibes and diatribes. A completely revised and updated edition of the History Group’s second book (published originally in 1999), this is the essential guide to who said what about Liberals and Liberalism. Full price £12.99; available to Journal of Liberal History subscribers at […]