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Themes: Liberalism outside the UK
This page lists all the content on the site relevant to the history of Liberal parties outside the UK.

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The Midlothian Campaign

A year after the defeat of his government in 1874, William Ewart Gladstone retired as leader of the Liberal Party. At 65, he deeply desired an interval between parliament and the grave to devote to r...

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Journal articles

Liberals unite: the origins of Liberal International

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal Democrat History 17 ')

1997 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of Liberal International. This article traces the events of 1947.


Radicalism and the Risorgimento

(from journal ' Liberal Democrat History Group Newsletter 6 ')

Review of Denis Mack Smith, Mazzini


Radicalism and Liberalism in Denmark

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 56 ')

The history of the Danish social liberal party, Det Radikale Venstre.


Report: Liberal Democrats in Europe - 21 years of success or failure?

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 63 ')

Report of fringe meeting of 6 March 2009, with William Wallace and Sarah Ludford MEP.


Helen Suzman: An Appreciation

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 66 ')

Personal recollection of the life of South Africas first anti-apartheid MP.


Long-term trends in public opinion and the rise of the Free Democratic Party

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 69 ')

Reflections on the 2009 parliamentary elections in Germany; by Natascha Zowislo-Grnewald and Franz Beitzinger.


Liberalism in Germany and the Netherlands

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 58 ')

Review of van Schie and Voerman (eds.), The Dividing Line between Success and Failure


Prophet of democracy

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 69 ')

Review of Hugh Brogan, Alexis de Tocqueville: Prophet of Democracy in the Age of Revolutions.

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'The Fruits of the Liberty Tree' - The Liberal Tradition in North America

Sunday 17 September 2000

In a US Presidential election year, we examined the history of the Liberal tradition in North America. The Canadian Liberal Party is one of the most successful liberal parties in the world, in terms ...


The European Inheritance

Friday 15 March 1996

Unity in Europe was a central theme for the Liberal Party since Gladstones day, and was an important factor behind the SDPs breakaway from the Labour Party. Yet continental liberal parties have not a...

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