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Themes: Social policy
This page lists all the content on the site relevant to Liberals and social policy.

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Journal articles

The Old Age Pensions Act, 1908

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 60 ')

Analysis of the introduction and implementation of the first state pensions, brought in one hundred years ago.


The 'People's Budget' a century on

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 64 ')

An examination of the genesis, content and impact of Lloyd George's famous Budget of one hundred years ago.


Economic strategies and the New Liberalism

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 54 - Special issue: The 1906 landslide: the legacy ')

New Liberal economic strategies, including free trade and social reform


Report: 'Taxes that will bring forth fruit' - The centenary of the People's Budget of 1909

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 63 ')

Report of meeting of 12 January 2009, with Kenneth O. Morgan and Vince Cable MP.


Gladstone and the great Irish famine

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 81 ')

An exploration of Gladstone's reaction to the Great Famine, some two decades before his first premiership.


Report: from Beveridge to Blair

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal Democrat History 17 ')

Report of LDHG meeting of September 1997 on the welfare state, with Frank Field MP and Nick Timmins.


John Sutton Nettlefold, Liberalism and the early town planning movement

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 75 ')

The contribution of the chair of Birminghams Housing Committee, 1901-11, to the debates on slum housing and town planning;


Abortion reform 1967

(from journal ' Liberal Democrat History Group Newsletter 14 - Special issue: The Liberal revival ')

Memories of the battles over one of the key pieces of social reform legislation of the 1960s.


Report: Founding the welfare state

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 61 ')

Report of fringe meeting of 14 September 2008, with Ian Packer and Joe Harris.


Three acres and a cow

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 80 ')

Jesse Collings and the Smallholdings and Allotments Act 1908.


The 'Land and the Nation' and Wales

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 81 ')

An exploration of the formulation of the Liberal Green Book and its impact on Liberal fortunes in rural Wales.


Radical Reform Group

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 67 - Special issue: Liberals and the left ')

Examination of the group's formation, history and publications.


The land question explored

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 71 ')

Review of Cragoe and Readman (eds.), The Land Question in Britain 1750-1950


Review: Edwardian Liberalism

(from journal ' Journal of Liberal History 65 ')

Review of H. V. Emy, Liberals, Radicals and Social Politics, 1892-1914.

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'Taxes that will bring forth fruit' - The centenary of the People's Budget of 1909

Monday 12 January 2009

Following the introduction of Old Age Pensions by the Liberal government of H H Asquith in 1908 and the plans to legislate for limited unemployment and sickness benefit through National Insurance, Ch...


Founding the welfare state

Sunday 14 September 2008

A hundred years ago, in 1908, H. H. Asquith's government introduced the Old Age Pensions Bill. This was just the beginning of a comprehensive Liberal programme of social reform, including nation...


From Beveridge to Blair: Reform of the Welfare State

Monday 22 September 1997

"Social Insurance and Allied Services - report by Sir William Beveridge" was published in December 1942, and its proposals were passed into legislation by Attlees goverrnment between 1945 a...

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Archives: individuals

Beveridge, William

Beveridge's papers at London School of Economics ...

archive url: http://www.lse.ac.uk/library/archives
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PhD theses

Joseph Chamberlain and the Unauthorized Programme

Oxford D.Phil. , 1970


Labour's attitudes to social reform, 1900-14

Supervisors - Professor Ian Levitt and Dr. Alan Pratt

Central Lancashire, M.Phil , 2002


Monmouthshire and the Education Act, 1902: the 'Welsh revolt' of 1902-5, a study in conflict between national and local government in the field of education

London, M.Phil , 1996


Radicalism and reform in Burnley, 1842-70

Supervisor - Dr. Iorwerth J. Prothero

Manchester, Ph.D , 1997


Sir Jerom Murch: case study of a Unitarian liberal and his impact on the Bath community, 1833-95

Supervisor - Dr. David Brooke

Bath, Ph.D , 1996


The penal thought and practice of Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, secretary of state for the Home Department, February 1910 to October 1911

London, M.Phil , 2004


The radicalism of Joseph Chamberlain: his ideas and actions in the context of Birmingham in the 1870s

Supervisor - Dr. Carl S.A. Chinn

Birmingham, M.Phil , 1998


The social and political activity of the Cadbury family: a study in manipulative capitalism

Supervisor - Professor Roy A. Lowe

Wales, Ph.D , 2002


The strange death of British Liberalism: the Liberal summer schools' movement and the making of the Yellow Book in the 1920s

Supervisor - Professor Ben J. Pimlott

London, Ph.D , 2001


The strange death of Labour England: collective provision and social cohesion in Southwark, 1950-2000

Supervisor - Professor Avner Offer

Oxford, M.Phil , 2002


War, reconstruction and the Fisher Act of 1918

Supervisor - Dr. P. Searby

Cambridge, M.Litt , 1995

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