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The Journal of Liberal History is the only journal for the discussion and research of historical topics relating to the histories of the Liberal Democrats and its predecessor parties, the Liberal Party and the SDP, and of Liberalism. Its contents appeal to anyone with an interest in the history of British Liberalism, whether academics, party activists or spare-time students of political history.

Published quarterly since 1993, the Journal features articles, original research, biographies of leading (and more obscure!) Liberal figures, reports of Liberal Democrat History Group meetings, book reviews, guides to archive sources and a regularly updated Research in Progress column.

To subscribe to the Journal, please visit our Subscriptions Page. Our subscription year runs from October to October and includes four issues (published mid-September, mid-January, mid-April and mid-July); the current (2015–16) subscription year starts with issue 89 (winter 2015–16). The subscription includes membership of the History Group, which gives you discounts on all History Group publications.

All but the most recent ten issues of the Journal are available free for download, either as complete issues or as individual articles – see the list below. The most recent ten issues are only available online to online subscribers. Individual print copies are available to buy from the Liberal History Shop.

Contributions to the Journal are very welcome; please contact the Editor to discuss your proposed article. Guidelines for authors are available here.

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Cover of Journal of Liberal History 93

Journal of Liberal History 93

In this issue: Richard Livsey and the politics of Brecon and Radnor; a commemoration of the 1866 petition for women’s suffrage; the Distributists and the Liberal Party; the legacy of Roy Jenkins; press, politics and culture in Victorian Britain. Available from the Liberal History Shop.